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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Meaningful Story - The Keys are still at the 20th Floor

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Here is a brief summary of how the story goes........

There were 2 brothers who lived at the 80th floor of a high rise building. One day they went hill climbing. When they returned, there was no power supply. They were carrying each a big bag. Look like they had no choice so the elder said "We climb".

Thus, they climbed with the big bag on their back. On reaching the 20th floor, they began to feel tired.

The elder brother said "The bags are heavy. Why not we leave the bags here and continue to climb to the top. Why power supply resumes, we come down and fetch the bags." "Good idea", said the younger borther. Hence, they left the bags at the 20th floor and continued to climb. Without the burden of those heavy bags, they felt much lighter.

They talked and laughed as they climb but this situation didn't last long. When they reached the 40th floor, they became terribly tired. They were only half way. There was still another half to cover. They started to curse and swear. They blamed one another for not paying attention to the power outage notice. As they climbed, the arguments continued till they reached the 60th floor.

At the 60th floor, they were extremely tired and did not have any more strength to argue any further. The elder brother said, "There are 20 floor left. Let's don't argue any further and quietly climbed the remainder." So, they climbed silently and eventually they reached the door to their unit. The elder brother said, "Please open the door." The younger brother replied, "Please do not joke. The key is with you."......... As what you may have imagined, they left the key at the 20th floor.

Somebody says this story reflects our lives.

Before one becomes 20, one lives under the guidance and expectations of one's parents and teachers. There are lots of pressure. Owing to immaturity and the lack of certain abilities and experience, the steps taken could be unstable.

On reaching 20 years of age, one leaves those guidance and expectations and may feel lighter. One then pursues one's own dream and may be happy for the next 20 years till one reaches the age of 40.

One reaching 40, one may realize that he/she is no longer young. One may have regrets and starts to put blames on others such as blaming the company, society, government, ........ for the next 20 years.

At 60, one feels that there isn't much life left, so he/she tells himself/herself to stop cursing & swearing but to value the remainder of one's life. When one reaches the end of one's life, he/she may feel that there is as if something that one has not done. One's dream still stays at age 20. Do you feel the same?

Think what your dream is? What you value most? Do not regret after another another 40 years. Think what are the differences you wish to have between now and 40 years later. Just do it..... from this moment onward. Today is a gift.

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Good words.

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Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

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Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

"Life's too mysterious to take too serious."

7:37 PM GMT+8


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