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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Is bird's nest suitable for you?

香港中文大學的 江潤祥教授 在《Comp..Biochem. Physiol. B.Vol.87 pp.221-226》上發1表論文,指出燕窩(Collocalia)含有表皮生長因子(Epidermal Growth Factor, EGF),EGF是一個蛋白質,能刺激細胞增生,燕窩來自燕子的口涎,可能就是因為口涎中有EGF,所以一般動物在受傷後,懂得舐自己的傷口,相信是想利用口涎中的EGF,刺激受傷部分,幫助傷口快些復元。燕窩EGF令細胞增生是好事還是壞事?細胞增生是好事還是壞事?對癌症患者而言,是壞事。皮膚上有傷口,要它「埋口」,當然需要細胞增生,但不可不知,Genentech藥廠生產了一個對付「EGF接受體」的藥,叫Tarceva(學名Erlotinib),它的主要作用,是去阻止EGF令細胞增生,什么細胞?是癌細胞。目前用來治療乳癌的Herceptin,也是一個用來對付EGF接受體的抗體。有一位女仕她患有乙型肝炎,甲胎蛋白一直被控制在五百度之下,有一次,她吃了燕窩後,甲胎蛋白急升到七千度;之後,在肝掃瞄中,可見到四粒東西,一星期內暴長到四毫米,因此,在癌症患者而言,,要戒吃燕窩,這好比患有乳癌者,一定要戒吃雪蛤膏,因為其中的雌激素,可令其癌細胞增生。其實,EGF對癌症病人還有别的害處,除了會刺激癌細胞增生,它更厲害的致癌作用,是在於促進三大類! 可以增生血管的因子,分別是血管內皮細胞生長因子(VEGF)、皂性成纖維細胞生長因子(bFGF)和轉化生長因子(TGF)。癌細胞要靠血管把養分送過來,才能「快高長大」,但往往沒有血管,這好像是乾涸的田,長不出東西,如果有人從附近的河造一條引水道,那就得其所哉了。在剛出版的《Annual Review Medicine》Vol.57,鼎鼎大名的哈佛教授Judah Folkman綜合了他三十多年在血管增生方面的研究,點出了一個對抗癌十分重要的概念。這便是,當癌塊還未出現血管時,它們一般都不會致命,因為,即使癌細胞不斷增生,但由於沒有血管提供營養,這些癌都長不大。其實,除了抗癌時要抑制血管增生,在長者中很普遍的黃斑衰退症(Macular Degeneration),病因也是源自視網膜上出現了新的血管,患者因而亦須特別留意,要少吃燕窩,以防刺激自己身體,貿貿然製造多餘的血管。


護膚養顏首選燕窩? 更年期以後女性忌食!




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Is bird's nest suitable for you?

Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Jiang Runxiang in the "Comp .. Biochem. Physiol. B.Vol.87 pp.221-226" made a statement on the paper, pointed out that the bird's nest (Collocalia) contain epidermal growth factor (Epidermal Growth Factor, EGF), EGF is a protein, can stimulate cell proliferation, swallow the saliva from a bird's nest, probably because the saliva in EGF, so most animals after injury, know how to lick their wounds, that is to use saliva of EGF, stimulate the injured part to help the wound faster recovery. Bird's nest that cell proliferation EGF is a good thing or a bad thing?

Cell proliferation is a good thing or a bad thing? Of cancer patients, it is a bad thing. Skin wound to it "buried mouth", of course, require cell proliferation, but not know, Genentech, a pharmaceutical product against "EGF receptor," the drug, called Tarceva (Erlotinib scientific name ), its main role is to prevent the proliferation of skin cells and EGF, even? cells? Is the cancer cells. Currently used to treat breast cancer, Herceptin, is one to deal with EGF receptor antibodies. A Women she suffers from hepatitis B, alpha-fetoprotein Baidu has been under control in five, and once, after she ate a bird's nest, AFP surged to seven thousand degrees; later, in the liver scan in can see the four things a week to four millimeters long storm, so in cancer patients, in order to quit eating bird's nest, which is like suffering from breast cancer, we must quit eating Xueha cream, because estrogen can result in The cancer cell proliferation. In fact, EGF also e on the harmful effects of cancer patients, in addition to stimulate cancer cell proliferation, it is more powerful carcinogenic effect is that for three categories! Could proliferation of vascular factors, namely vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), Soap fibroblast growth factor (bFGF) and transforming growth factor (TGF). Cancer cells rely on blood vessels to get nutrients back to "quickly and grow up", but often there is no blood vessels, it seems to dry land, not a long thing, if someone made the river from a nearby water conduit, then Deqisuozai out.

In the newly published "Annual Review Medicine" Vol.57, the famous Professor Judah Folkman of Harvard consolidated his thirty years of research on angiogenesis, an anti-cancer points out the very important concept. That is, when the blood vessels Aikuai yet to come, they are generally not fatal, because, even if the continued proliferation of cancer cells, but the absence of blood vessels that provide nutrition, all of these cancers grow up. In fact, when in addition to inhibiting angiogenesis cancer in the elderly are common symptoms of macular recession (Macular Degeneration), is derived from the retina causes the emergence of new blood vessels, and therefore patients should pay attention to, to eat bird's nest, to Anti stimulate your body, hastily create extra blood vessels.

Following a research report, although the efficacy of skin care beauty nests be sure, but shocking is: gynecological diseases of women after menopause should be minimal or eat bird's nest, or may induce or aggravate cancer!

Preferred skin care beauty bird's nest? Menopausal women not eat later!

The reason why skin bird's nest "slippery", not because the collagen or protein, but rather to stimulate skin renewal of the "epidermal growth factor."

City University study found that dry swallow all of the market with epidermal growth factor, part of the instant bird's nest is completely lacking, that is not reached after eating skin effect; some scholars and practitioners warned that bird's nest is not Laonen Safe, after menopause Women should avoid eating bird's nest, or it may induce and accelerate cancer cell growth. And middle-aged and old, the less the more they began to EGF, but after menopause women at higher risk of cancer, should avoid intake of EGF, to avoid stimulating cancer cell proliferation.

Practitioners pointed out that the bird's nest Yin Yifei, treating eczema and chronic bronchitis, high value of Chinese medicine, "lung skin and hair, good lung, skin naturally pretty.

Fungus has the same effect, but the efficacy of course, much worse than the bird's nest. "However, he suggested that patients with gynecological or women after menopause should be minimal to eat, otherwise they will" over-Yin ", induce or aggravate cancer.

Reference: Health Care Network Comprehensive information

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