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Thursday, November 15, 2007

照片欣赏 - 一位甲洞功友所拍之照片
Viewing Excellent Photos Taken by a Fellow Kepong Practitioner

The French Village at Berjaya Hills Resort (formerly known as Bukit Tinggi Resort)
(Doctored photo by Jimmy Chew)

romantic dream

Sunway Lagoon

Flower (taken with cameraphone)

谁是拍照者呢?他就是招晓周 (Jimmy Chew),他
慑影技巧一流,可说是已达到了专业水平。2006 年在 Pandan Indah 的活动他也义务的为甲洞站拍了三百多张照片,我们很感谢他及以他为荣,如想看更多他的照片,请浏览以下的网页:-

Who is the photographer? Of course, he is none other than Jimmy Chew. His photography technique is excellent and can easily be said to have reached professional standard. In year 2006, during the Malaysian's largest fitness event at Pandah Indah, Kuala Lumpur, he took more than 300 photos for the Kepong Stations. All these photos are of excellent quality. We are thankful and proud to have him as our fellow practitioner. To see more of his photographic works, please visit the sites below:-

Hope you enjoy viewing them.