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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

一些第四次“以茶会友”的相片 - 1/3

The Tea at Kepong Station is The Thickest

Kepong Station's tea consultant Chin KK & tea king Ki TS

三人行 - 左边的是甲洞站的法律顾问黄七
3 a Company - with Kepong Station's legal advisor Ng Chek on the Left

(Mai Kek Kee, Kek Kee Jia Ka Ki!)
Come on! Let's eat and have fun!

While all others were getting ready to eat and have fun, these 3 hardworking practitioners were still practicing. They were practicing "Kai Zhi Ming Mu Gong". They are from front to back - Yap CK, Ker BC & Alice Wong. The more you practice the more benefit you will get. The lesser you practice the lesser benefit you will reap. If you don't practice at all, you get no benefit. It is that simple but true.

4 Gold Flowers


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