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Friday, September 26, 2008

一些第四次“以茶会友”的相片 - 2/3

The role model of Kepong Station, Loo TC was seen here making an announcement. On the right is Chang TC who was putting up a happy smile. Why was this so? Look below for the answer.

原来今天也是郑德彩的生日,她的丈夫(坐者) 特地提早下班趕来甲洞站与她及其他功友们一起庆祝她的生日。好一对恩爱的夫妻,羡煞人也。
It was her birthday. Her loving husband left job early to come to Kepong Station to celebrate her birthday with her together with other practitioners. How wonderful! A truly loving couple.

Her sweet smile tells all. She was certainly very happy.

All practitioners present sang the song "Happy Birthday to You" to wish her happy birthday.

Husband and wife of one heart, yellow earth becomes gold.