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Friday, February 13, 2015

What is “Information” and “Qigong Information Therapy”?







 3. What is “Information” and “Qigong Information Therapy”? 

Generally, the word “information” means a signal or a piece of news. The manipulation of information is a science which studies the quantity of information and its transmission, transfer and reception. Through mathematical calculation, the capability and efficiency of the information transfer can be obtained. Information theory are used in the field of communication, biology and physics, etc.

It is said that “information” appeared earliest in a book on the theory of cybernetics, written by an American mathematician, Wiener. He pointed out that “information” related to humans adapting to the outside world and then challenging the outside world with this new adaptation. That is why “information” is closely related to matter and its energy of movement. Briefly, “information” is the objective reaction of a matter’s movement in a special way. It has spread into many scientific fields and is considered a comprehensive frontier science. Human society has its own “information” so does the natural world. Both the living and non-living have their own “information.”

Qigong information therapy was developed by qigong masters to treat patients by giving out qi from their bodies. From testing with instruments, the qi given out consists of infrared radiation, magnetic waves, static electricity, particle flow, etc. This method of treating patients by a qigong master is called “Information Therapy”. Some instruments, called “information imitation healing devices”, that imitate the emitted qi from a master have come out in recent years.