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Monday, April 17, 2006


To be loyal to the country, disciplined and a conscientious citizen.

Respect moral behaviour, persist in both physical and mental training by continuously building up one’s mental consciousness and training capabilities.


To train diligently and progress systematically to strive, to build up and strengthen one’s bodily health which is also therapeutic in nature.

To seriously study the scientific elements of the Qigong theory and to adhere precisely to the Qigong practice of self-sacrifice for Qigong development.

To be obedient and respectful to the master, be caring and helpful towards one another, united and cooperating in all aspects towards a harmonious and excellent social environment.

Maintaining the dignity and honour of the Qigong teaching by fully accepting the principles of Qigong. Individual religious beliefs and followings should be strictly excluded from the Qigong principles.

To work towards a clean image without any desire for self-gain but more on self-sacrifice as a whole for the Qigong development.

Learning more than one type of Qigong at the same time is strictly prohibited so as to avoid technical problems arising which might prove difficult to correct. The reputation of “Soaring Crane Qigong” must be protected at all times.

No one’s status or position is to be taken into account during training sessions, as all trainees are the students of Master Zhao Jin-Xiang (The founder ot Hexiang Zhuang Qigong in China).

All personal matters whatsoever which are not related to Qigong training are strictly forbidden in the training sessions so as to protect the honourable reputation of our training environment.

Students are not allowed to be unreasonably absent from training sessions so as not to hamper the progress and development of each session, However, special permission can be granted for unavoidable absence from the teachers.

Always remember and practice the Qigong policy i.e. “Hexiang Jiu Tian, Zao Fu Ren Lei” meaning “Soaring Crane Qigong is a superior art of training which enables people to regain their health”.

Practice humility and humbleness, purity of thought, friendliness, be helpful, fair-minded and considerate at all times to ensure that Soaring Crane Qigong’s teaching grows and progress smoothly and successfully.


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