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Monday, May 08, 2006

站庄功口令十七条 17 instructions for the Standing Meditation

站庄功口令十七条是:- The 17 instructions for the Standing Meditation are:-
1) 预备 Preparation (Yu Bei)
2) 双回气 Double return of Qi (Shuang Hui Qi)
3) 抱球 Holding a ball of Qi (Bao Qiu)
4) 顶头悬 Hanging the head from heaven (Ding Tou Xuan)
5) 坠脊 Relaxing the Spine (Zhui Ji)
6) 含胸 Holding in the Chest (Han Xiong)
7) 松肩 Relaxing the Shoulders (Song Jian)
8) 坠肘 Sinking the Elbows (Zhui Zhou)
9) 松腕 Relaxing your Wrists (Song Wan)
10) 舒指 Smoothing out the fingers (Shu Zhu)
11) 松腰 Relaxing the Waist (Song Yao)
12) 松胯 Relaxing the Hips (Song Kua)
13) 垂尾闾 Hanging down Wei Lu (Chui Wei Lu)
14) 松膝 Relaxing the Knees (Song Xi)
15) 调足 Adjusting the Feet (Diao Zu)
16) 气沉丹田 Gathering Qi into Dantian (Qi Chen Dan Tian)
17) 垂帘 Bringing down the Eyelids (Chui Lian)

我们将会一个个的在此说明。We shall list their description here one after another progressively.


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