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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Practitioners Born in May 五月出世的功友

They are: 他们是:

Alice Wong Yen (黄雅樱), Foo Hee Leong (符气良),
Lim Kui Chuwa (林桂泉), Chin Haw Soon (陈皓绚),
Tan Keow Len, Lilian (陈巧莲), Ong Chin Lai (王清来),
Pang Yang Chung, Simon (彭远胜),
Oan Meng Choo, Maggie (溫明珠),
Lai Kui Wah @ Lai Fatt (赖贵华),
Quek Choo Kwee (郭子貴), Tong Chin Ting (唐进汀)

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