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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Q & A on Healthy Living by Grandmaster Zhao Jin-Xiang 中华医疗养生问答

Practitioners who are with us for a longer period know about such a booklet which was written by Grandmaster Zhao Jin-Xiang in year 2003 (in Chinese of course). The association (PHZQWP) initially printed 5000 copies for distribution to all practitioners and others free of charge. Trust that by now they have all been given out. It is quite informative and can be invaluable if you know how to exploit it fully.

We try to list as much of the Q & A at this blog as possible progressively.

For a start, below is the first Q & A (We attempt to translate it into English and would apologise for the inaccurate translation):-

1. 世界卫生组织对老年人的定义是什么?


1. What is WHO’s definition for old age?

Answer: Below 65 years of age is considered as middle aged. From above 65 to 74 years of age is younger old people. From 75 to 90 years of age is considered actually old. From 90 to 120 years of age is high age old people.

Shown below is a downloadable PPT file.
GoodKarma.ppt (file size = 134 kb)


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