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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

一些第四次“以茶会友”的相片 - 3/3


What were they discussing? They were talking about the benefits that CSCQ has brought them. From Left:
Foo HL: I can sing better now.
Ki TS: My sense of taste has improved. I can now tell the age of tea just by tasting it.
Chin KK: I can climb the FRIM hill faster and higher.
Ng Chek: My back has improved.
Bruce Sum: My work has become smoother.

坐在后面的男士们为黄文豪及王奕康 。在前面的女士们为林桂凰与游紫卿。
The gentlemen (from left): Ng BH & Wong YK
The ladies (from left): Lim KH & Yew CH

Liew TC & Tan Man

An extremely loving couple. They are the pride of Kepong Station. Their marriage is close to 25 years. How about having a simple but happy silver wedding jubilee celebration at Kepong Station?


Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

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Blogger Katherine Thayer said...

Some Marriage didn't reach 25 years. It need a miracle to do so. Congratulation on your Silver Anniversary

4:36 PM GMT+8


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