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Friday, October 31, 2008

Important Message from our Heart:
HBP Drugs Linked To Sudden Heart Attack...

(We received this article via an e-mail. Something mentioned here are somewhat similar to what are said of Chinese Medical Theory.)

Does this sound familiar to you?...

So if high blood pressure doesn't cause heart disease, but harmful drugs can actually increase your risk of having a heart attack and deteriorate your health - Why not help your body maintain normal blood pressure naturally, without doing harm?

Please Read... This message is important enough to a person's life.

About 60% of all the people who have heart attacks have NORMAL blood pressure and the vast majority of these people are taking high blood pressure drugs.

In a recent study in Europe, patients with high blood pressure who did NOTHING at all lived longer and had less complications than people who were on HBP medications.

It's only a matter of time before you hear the medical institutions admit they were totally mistaken about heart disease and the dangers of high blood pressure medications.

There is A LOT of money and even more ego and pride at stake with the present medical model, so don't expect a public apology too soon . . . but it will come.

If you've tried the traditional approach, you've just participated in a massive experiment that failed. Don't feel too bad, you're not alone . . . millions of people have walked down the same path only to find themselves slaves of the drugs that hold them prisoner.

The government keeps lowering the standards and corralling more people into the "high-risk category" for heart disease. In spite of the fact that more high blood pressure drugs are prescribed than ever before, still sudden death is all around us. If fact, heart disease is the #1 cause of death!

Updating high blood pressure guidelines has only ONE goal . . . to sell billions of dollars worth of HBP drugs. Despite the bottom line being that HBP drugs are doing more harm than good.

How many more people do you think will be led down the same dead-end path before they announce that high blood pressure medications are NOT a cure for heart disease and actually increase the risk of sudden heart attack?

It's true your risk of a heart attack may be greater if you have high blood pressure levels, but the cause of heart attack as well as high blood pressure is normally inflammation, NOT a drug deficiency.

Blood pressure elevation is not a disease, it's a symptom, so you first need to find out WHY your blood pressure is high, and when you fix that your HBP will normalize...

For example, if a man had pneumonia and everyone focused on lowering his high temperature by giving him medication to bring his fever down, he's going to eventually die from the untreated pneumonia... Similarly, if you only take drugs to lower high blood pressure, then you're only treating the symptom of a serious underlying problem.

So if high blood pressure doesn't cause heart disease, but harmful drugs can actually increase your risk of having a heart attack and deteriorate your health - Why not help your body maintain normal blood pressure naturally, without doing harm?

HBP drugs chemically interfere with your body's natural healing processes, and allow the root cause of heart disease to take hold and tighten its grip.

Often times you can chemically alter your blood pressure levels down to far, where it becomes "too low" and the doctor switches your prescription again. Next thing you know you're on blood thinners and being told you can't eat green vegetables like broccoli or spinach.

You may already know if you are taking medication many healthy foods are suddenly labeled "forbidden foods".

Ever wonder why?

Truth is these forbidden foods "naturally" do what the medication is claiming to do. If you eat healthy while taking some of these drugs you may amplify the effect of the medication.

You just have to ask yourself, "why not reduce the harmful drugs and simply eat more of what is naturally good for you instead?"

Live well,

Martin Jacobse
Medical Investigator
Barton Publishing


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Eat only nutritious food to prevent heart attack.

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