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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Eat celery for better memory

Celery_vegeThe unique taste of celery might not be everyone's liking but the health benefit it carries could possibly change your mind as research has shown consumption of the vege can help to preserve memories.

The study conducted by University of Illinois found that a chemical in high concentrations in celery - as well as pepper capsicum and peppermint - can help to reduce loss of memory as a person gets older.

According to the U.S researchers, luteolin (a substance found in the plant) halts the release of molecules that can cause inflammation in the brain. Brain inflammation has been associated with ageing and its related memory problems.

The results published in the Journal of Nutrition studied the effects of luteolin using young mice aged three to six months and older mice aged two years, which are fed with controlled-diet or a luteolin-supplement diet for up to four weeks.

It was found that older mice who consumed luteolin in their diet did better in memory test compared to their peers which were not fed with food rich with the compound.

Older mice usually have higher level of brain inflammation and therefore perform less in memory test when compared with younger adult mice.

However, the study found that the level of brain inflammation of luteolin-fed older mice match matched those of the younger adult mice.



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