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Sunday, July 30, 2006

中华医疗养生问答 Q & A on Healthy Living by Grandmaster Zhao Jin-Xiang

3. 怎样度过一生的健康才算对呢?


3. What is the correct way of passing one’s healthy life?

Answer: Within the age of 120 years, one ought to be healthy for 70, 80, 90, 100 years. Everyone ought to be healthy. This is normal biological rule. Owing to various factors, the situation now is different. Instead of having 120 years of age, some live only up to about 70 years indicating a deficit of 50 years. One ought to be healthy up to 70-90 years of age, but then by 40-60 years of age, sicknesses such as high blood pressure, coronary heart diesease, hardening of some arteries and veins, etc. set in. One dies at 60 odd years of age prematurely or one becomes paralyzed. This is very common in our society nowadays and should be brought into serious attention and be researched accordingly.

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