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Sunday, August 06, 2006

辅助功法之功理(六)左四右三回阳法 Explanation for "Left Four & Right Three Method of Returning Yang Qi"

左四右三回阳法是一个防偏和纠偏的功法,可以解决练功中受惊、真气散乱、精气神窜离体外,以及由于情志失常而出现的心悸、怔忡、心神不宁或疲劳思睡等现象。左四右三,合数为七。七,在天上为七星北斗; 在人身为七情,即喜、怒、忧、思、悲、恐、惊。通过练功,调整七情,达到防偏纠偏之功效。

练此功法时应注意: 垂帘之后,神光内视下丹田,而每次左右转头之前,都要先用意念将神光调出,向正前方放出三米; 每次头转正后,又都要将神光调回,内视下丹田。练此功法一般都在受惊之后,因此,特别需要镇定、自制,通过练功使自己神宁静下来,以免受他害。此法有回天之力,必须重视。

This method is for the prevention of going astray during practice and its rectification. For instance, you may receive a shock during practice resulting in scattered qi. Some of your “qing, qi & shen” are out of your body. You feel unstable mentally because of that and are tired and feel sleepy. The sum of 4 and 3 is 7. In the heaven, 7 represents the 7 north stars. In the human body, 7 represent the 7 emotions, viz. happy, angry, worry, thought, sorrow, fright & shock. This method helps to pacify our emotions.

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