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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

辅助功法之功理(七)五心归一法 Explanation for "Method of Returning Five Centres to Oneness"

五心归一法的主要作用是将存留体内的真气归拢入下丹田。它从人体的五个尖端 (头与四肢) 开始引气,可以经过身体的所有部位和角落。因此,这是一个归拢滞留于体内的真气入丹田的比较彻底的方法。这个功法的动作很少,主要是意念的活动,可以说是完全是为了逐步锻练和提高运用意念的能力而编制的。此功法也可以使体弱多病、产后、术后的人,很快地康复,它是聚敛真气的最佳之法。

This method is mainly for the gathering of scattered qi inside the body into the lower dan-tian. It does so from the 5 remotest places of the body. Very little physical movement is involved. It consists mainly of mental activities. This method is also suitable for those who are unhealthy and frequently fall sick, after giving birth, after a surgical operation. It helps to speed up the recuperation process.

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