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Friday, August 11, 2006

中华医疗养生问答 Q & A on Healthy Living by Grandmaster Zhao Jin-Xiang (No. 6)

6. 预防冠心病瘁死的三个半分钟是什么?



What is the 3 x 1/2 minutes that help to prevent sudden death due to coronary heart disease?

Answer: Scientists put forth these 3 x 1/2 minutes: (1) When you wake up, lie on bed for 1/2 minute. Do not immediately climb up. This prevents lack of blood in the brain which gives rise to abnormal blood pressure. (2) Sit on bed for 1/2 minute to allow the blood in the entire body time to find its balance. (3) Before you stand up, sit by the edge of the bed with your feet on the ground for 1/2 minute.

These 3 x 1/2 minutes help to prevent bleeding of the blood vessels of the heart and brain, blockage, semi-paralysis and stroke.

Click here to download a PDF file on "Avoiding heart attacks and strokes:
Don't be a victim, protect yourself".


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