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Friday, August 25, 2006

赵金香宗师之中华医疗养生问答 Q & A on Healthy Living by Grandmaster Zhao Jin-Xiang (No. 10)

10. 动脉硬化、肿瘤和糖尿病是怎样得的呢?

答:得这些病有两个原因: 一是内因,二是外因。内因即遗传基因,外因即环境因素。




Hardening of Arteries, Ulcers and Diabetes: How are they contracted?

There are two reasons: the first is internal and the second is external. Internal means hereditary while external is due to environmental factors.

(1) Internal reason: It is inclined to hereditary factors. For instance, if both father and mother are suffering from high blood pressures, the chance that their child is having the same disease is 45%. If only the father or mother is a sufferer of high blood pressure, the chance that their child is having the same is 28%. If neither father nor mother is having high blood pressure, the probability of their child have the same is only 3.5%. Let us site another example of hereditary factors: rabbits should by right eat carrots and vegetables. If we let them eat instead pork oil mingled with egg yolk, they will suffer high cholesterol levels in 4 weeks. By the eight week, their arteries harden and by the 12th week, they contract coronary heart disease (CHD). Another example: Let ducks eat pork oil mingled with egg yolk, the results are surprisingly different. Their arteries do not harden and they do not contract CHD. Why the difference is the results for these 2 species of animals? The reason is simply because they are 2 different species. Their hereditary genes are different. Some are 100% while some have none. Hereditary factors are only inclination and they cannot be the same for all.

There is another external factor which is due to changes in our 7 emotions, viz. happiness, anger, worry, thought, sorrow, fear and shock. Happiness affects the heart. Anger affects the liver. Worry and thought affects the spleen. Sorrow affects the lung. Fear and shock affect the kidneys.

External factors constitute 20% of all chronic diseases while internal make up the remaining 80%.

(2) External reason: Influences from environmental pollution, hygiene, society, emotions, including wind, wetness, heat, dryness, noise & coldness. They have certain influences on our human body. Take for instance, if you are exposed to cold weather, you can get a cold easier. It is important to have good social human relationships among people. Owing to lack of education, morality declines. Many get angry easily. They can be selfish, corrupted. We need to enhance civilization and strengthen our moral qualities; otherwise more diseases can be contracted. For example, there may be harmful chemicals added to our daily food consumed for greater profitability without due consideration for others health. We need to rectify this situation all by ourselves.

(We apologize for any inaccuracy in the English translation)

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