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Friday, August 18, 2006

中华医疗养生问答 Q & A on Healthy Living by Grandmaster Zhao Jin-Xiang (No. 8)

8. 预防脑溢血的办法最好是什么?

答: 1)提高涵养,不生气;(2)按时服药,控制血压;(3)吃饭不要饱,走路不要跑,大便不用力,防止摔倒。

What is the best way of preventing brain hemorrhage?

Answer: (1) Improve your temperament, do not get angry; (2) Consume prescribed medicine at prescribed times, control blood pressures. (3) When you eat, do not eat till full. When you walk, do not run. When you pass motion, do not use strength. Prevent falling down.

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