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Saturday, September 02, 2006

赵金香宗师之中华医疗养生问答 Q & A on Healthy Living by Grandmaster Zhao Jin-Xiang (No. 13)

13. 喝奶除12题讲的好处还有什么好呢?

答:终生喝奶还可以长个子,提高人体素质,举例说明: 大家都记的1937年日本侵略中国时,全世界菅日本人叫“小日本”。二次世界大战后,日本政府规定,每天中午给中小学生免费供应一杯牛奶,就这一杯牛奶,日本人一代比一代个儿高,日本人有一句话:“一杯牛奶振兴一个民族。”


Is there any other benefit of drinking milk other that that stated in Question 12?

Drinking of milk for life promote taller physique and enhance human quality. For example, during the Japanese occupation in 1937, the whole world regarded Japanese as “small Japan”. After World War II, the Japanese government made it compulsory that a cup of milk be provided free daily to each primary and secondary students. Owing to this, Japanese became taller and taller from generation to generation. Japanese have such a saying, “a cup of milk stimulated a race”.

An orphanage is UK did a specific experiment: 2 groups of orphans, A & B, are given the same in what they eat, drink, exercise and rest with the exception that group A was provide with a cup of milk each daily. No milk was given to group B. On reaching the age of 15, it was found that the orphans in group A were on the average taller than those of group B by 2.8cm. Moreover, the orphans of group A had better complexion, brighter eyes and gleaming hair. They are muscular, agile and intelligent. Those who consumed 2 cups of milk daily were taller by 4.8cm making it even more obvious this benefit of milk.

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