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Sunday, September 03, 2006

生命中不可以丢失的 What You Should Not Lose in Your Life

童心 ——无论你有多老,你的心不能变老

音乐 ——如果没有音乐,你的人生将会乏味无比

浪漫 ——偶尔浪漫一下,那种感觉就像一只小鸟在空中飞翔吧

沉思 ——在你有一肚子火要发之前,先给自己10分钟沉思一会儿

驰骋 ——如果真的累了,就变成一只蝴蝶逃开一会吧,不要让自己太累

Be Childish - No matter how old you are, your heart should not turn old.

Music - Without music, your life will be tasteless.

Be Romantic - Be romantic occassionaly. That feeling is like a little bird flying freely in the sky.

Meditation - Before your outburst, give yourself 10 minutes to meditate.

Gallop - If you are really tired, transform into a butterfly and get away. Do not exhaust yourself.

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