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Sunday, July 09, 2006

站庄功收功的第三个步骤 3nd Step in the Finishing for Standing Meditation

两手平脐后,掌指放松,微曲,分别向左、右各约45 °方向外推。与外推的同时,突出尾闾,上身保持正直,鼻准对脐中。然后翻掌内收,指尖斜向相对,在下丹田前拢气抱球。松肩,提肛,两手向小腹收拢,距小腹约两厘米时,经两胯沿体侧自然放下。(“双回气”与收功的动作,可做一至三次,至引气归元为止;其意念均与动功相同。)

Finish (Shou Gong)
When your hands reach the level of your navel, relax your fingers and bend them slightly and push your hands gently away from your body with the back of your hands angled a bit
towards the body at 45°. At the same time, push you wei lu backward as if to sit. Keep your upper body straight. Be sure your nose is in line with your navel.
Turn your palms in to face your lower dan tian, finger tips pointing slightly down. Embrace a ball of Qi in front of your lower dan tian; relax your shoulders. Use your mind to contact
your hui yin. Draw your two hand towards your hips and sides and then let them fall naturally, while at the same time straightening your legs.
Note: You may do parts 2 & 3 as many as three times, until you feel that the Qi is firmly stored in your dan tian.


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