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Friday, July 07, 2006

Birthday Celebration for July 2006 七月的生日庆祝

Practitioners Born in the month of July 七月生日的功友

Ker Beng Choo (郭明珠), Sum Yap Koong, Bruce (覃业雄),

Chang Meng Huat (郑明发), Yap Ah Lek, James (叶亚烈),

Koh Siong Choon (邱祥春), Ki Tak Su (纪达词),

Catherine Choo Yen Hong (朱燕芳), Ching Ah Ying (陈英),

Wong Teik Beng (黄德明), Teh Chai Lan (郑彩兰)

Please inform the station should there be any error or omission.


The date for this celebration has been fixed on 20-07-2006 (Thursday). Please turn up in numbers.

We hereby appeal to you to contribute generously for this event to make it a continuous success.


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