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Sunday, November 16, 2008

第五次“以茶会友”茶会的一些照片 (2)
Some Photos Taken on 13-11-2008 (2)

(由左至右:符气良,叶亚烈,唐进汀 与 覃业雄)
The Four Good Friends
(From left to right: Foo Hee Leong, James Yap, Tong Chin Ting & Bruce Sum)

叶亚烈 及 黄雅樱
James Yap & Alice Wong

Come on! Le's eat.

吕德志 与 黄月婵
Loo Teck Chee & Wong Yuet Sim

曾雅媚,林桂凰,林桂妃 & 陈聪敏
Molly Chung, Lim Kwee Hong, Jeniffer Lim & Tan Cheong Bin


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