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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Photos of Kepong Annual Dinner (2)

Today, we post some photographs taken by Yap Chee Keong laoshi. These photos are well taken.

Ker Beng Choo & Yap Chee Keong
Do they look like newly weds?

Ker Beng Choo, Tan Siew Hong, Lai Yeah Far,
Irene Ng & Catherine Wong

The Sisters
Jeniffer Lim & Lim Kwee Hong

Siw Geok Hwa, Molloy Chung & Chin Yee Chew
Siw was seen looking in the direction of two "Leng Chai" behind.

The Sisters with Chin Yoke Lin on the right and Chin Kok Kong at the back

Chin Yoke Lin with daughter & sons

Eric Ho with Mrs. Ho & Ng Kok Wee (right)

Again, if your photograph has not appeared, do not be disappointed. More will follow.


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