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Thursday, September 14, 2006

关丹林明山/神奇珍尼湖/情人海滩之旅 Kuantan/Sg Lembing/Tasik Cini/Teluk Cempedak Tour (Part 3)

Part 3 - Awaiting to board the boat enroute to Tasik Chini.
We arrived here at around 10:30am on Sunday 10-09-2006.

From left: KK Chin, KS Wong, James Yap & SK Chan

YW Siu & Lilian Loh

KW Lai & AY Ching - a very loving couple. According to Ching, Lai has not sung any song to her for around 50 years. On that day, Lai singed 2 and they are both love songs. How wonderful? She might be feeling on top of the world at those moments.

From left: Cathering Wong, YS Wong & HK Koay with AY Ching standing at the back

Boarding the boat. Each boat carried either 5 or 6 persons. 6 boats were therefore required.

The river that is seen in the background is Sungai Chini. We travelled easily few kilometers along this river before we reach Tasik Chini.

Our tour guide Sam Lim (in yellow shirt) helping to make arrangements to board the boat. Sam Lim is a terrific singer & joker. He made this tour even more enjoyable.

Continued in Part 4 in which some photographs taken while travelling along Sungai Chini will be posted. It was a great experience travelling along Sungai Chini.