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Friday, October 06, 2006

Practitioners Born in October

他们是:They are:

Lim Eng Siong (林勇翔), Anwar Ismail, Ann To Kan (安素娴),
Liew Seet Chang (刘雪贞), Choi Ai Lee (蔡爱丽),
Ng Teong Huat (黄忠发), Cheun Swee Lian (庄瑞莲),
Alvin Sen (辛鑫升), Yap Siau Lee (叶小丽),
Lee Lay Hoon (李丽云), Looi E.K., Simon (吕永强),
Goh Mei Fong, Lee Meng Huat (李明发),
Wong Foong Yee (黄凤仪), Ng Kok Wee (黃囯伟),
Chen Yow Lan (曾友兰), Tee Choon heng (郑春兴),
Mah Kim Kuan (马金坤), Catherine Wong Ah Heong (黄亚香)
Chia Swee Siang (谢瑞祥)

Please inform the station should there be any error or omission.

We wish them HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


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