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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


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混元归一 CSCQ Routine 5 Demo

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Some Photos for the January 2007 Birthday Celebration

The TWINS of Kepong Station

Yes, they are twins too?

Eric Ho

The birthday girls & boy

Whao! How Sweet.

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juz checking...pps

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Video Wishing Practitioners Born in January Happy Birthday

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HSE Alert - TyreSafety.pps

Saturday, January 13, 2007



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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

















  双手掌心摩擦发热后,向后按摩腹面(即耳正面),再向前反复按摩背面,反复按摩5~6次。此法可疏通经络,对肾脏及全身脏器均有保健作用。 (健康)

(From an-e-mail we received)

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

January 2007's Birthday Celebration

The birthday celebration for this month has been fixed for 18-01-2007 (Thursday)

Practitioners born in January are:-

Wong Yuet Sim (黄月婵), Loh Yoke Yan (罗玉连), Chan Ngan Ling (陈雁玲), Ho An Chuan, Eric (何安泉), Ke Hock Chye (纪富裁), Lai Kong Kee (Kelvin) (黎光棋), Koh Thong Heng (许统平), Angeline Lee (李爱英), Quek May Hwa (郭美华), Chia Sia Muar (谢声满)

Please inform the station should there be any error or omission.

Wishing them HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007




Friday, January 05, 2007

The Ipoh Tour on 3-12-2006 (Part 14)
Final Part

This is the last part for the Ipoh tour. After dinner, some practitioners were outside the restaurant taking photographs. We show you some of these photographs here.

Irene Ng & Catherine Wong

YC Chin taking photograph

CK Yap & BC Ker

CK Yap, KK Chin & James Yap

James Yap

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Year 2007

All Kepong Practitioners,

It is now year 2007. Looking back, we are of the opinion that the year 2006 has been a very good year for Kepong Station. Other than practicing Qigong, we organised the following:-

(1) The Mid-Autumn Festival celebration held in our Station on 1-10-2006.
(2) The 2 day / 1 night tour of Sungai Lembing, Tasik Cini, Kuantan & Kuantan Beach on 9 & 10-09-2006.
(3) The 1 day tour of Sungai Klah Hot Spring Resort and Ipoh's Kek Lok Tung limestone cave on3-12-2006 .
(4) The Chinese New Dinner at Six Happiness Restaurant, Selayang Capitol on 19-03-2006.

We have also participated in the following events:-

(i) The 5th anniversary celebration of Persatuan Hexiang Zhuang Qigong Wilayah Perseketuan (PHZQWP) on 10-6-2006 during which we gave a fantastic singing presentation.
(ii) The Malaysian Largest Fitness Clinic organised by MPAJ at Pandan Indah on 19-3-2006.
(iii) The soft lunch of HQ at Setapak on 30-07-2006.
(iv) The upgrading course at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Golf Course, Shah Alam on 11 to 13-06-2006.
(v) The 3rd anniversary celebration of Taman Midah Station on 24-08-2006.
(vi) The trainers and assistant trainers gathering at HQ on 27-08-2006.
(vii) The discussion at HQ on 12-11-2006.
(viii) The 1119 celebration of CSCQ at the HQ on 19-11-2006.
(ix) The discussion for trainers at HQ on 17-12-2006.
(x) The opening day of Jinjang Utara Station on 09-10-2006.

During the year 2006, some practitioners successfully passed their examination and are now trainers. Some passed their oral test for standing meditation and can now practice it. This year, there will a new intake for our station. The date will be decided by the Station Master, Mr. SK Chan and it will be announced soon after that. We trust that all practitioners will assist to make it a success.

Last but not least, we hold monthly birthday celebrations at our station beginning January 2006. These events were very successful and warmly greeted. Thanks to those practitioners who organised them voluntarily. More volunteers are welcomed. The more the merrier. These meaningful events shall be continued. A piece of very good news here, a fellow practitioner who elected not to be named has contributed RM600.00 for these events for year 2007. With this, we may be able to have better food. Our sincere thanks to the said practitioner. However, the RM2.00 non-compulsory contribution per practitioner per month still applies.

Hence, let us look forward to a better year 2007 ahead.

Downloadable file

As a first file for Year 2007, we append herewith a very useful and informative PDF file which tells you lots of things about the human body including the meridians we used to talk about. It has 115 pages and some are quite relevant to our Qigong practice. File size = 1 mb.