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Friday, January 27, 2006


The Kepong Station wishes all practitioners a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

January 2006 Birthday Celebration - more photos

More photos taken during the celebration are herewith posted. We are pleased to inform that the Chairman of Persatuan Hexiang Zhuang Qigong Wilayah Persekutuan, Master How Eng Huat will come to our Kepong Station coming Monday, 23-01-2006.


The celebration began at around 9 p.m. after the usual practice of 5 routines. On the left are 2 of the photos taken. There are more than enough food and drinks for all.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Chinese New Year Stoppage

The station shall close for the coming Chinese New Year for 3 lessons. They are 30/01/2006 (2nd day of CNY), 02/02/2006 (5th day of CNY) and 06/02/2006 (9th day of CNY).

Lessons will resume on 09/09/2006 (12th day of CNY).

The station wishes all a HAPPY & PROSPEROUS CHINESE NEW YEAR.

Concerning the CNY dinner to be held on 19/02/2005, the closing date for the registration and making of payment shall be next Monday, 23-01-2006. Hope that all will participate and bring along their family members. The more the merrier.

Friday, January 13, 2006

January 2006 Birthday Celebration & 2006 CNY Dinner

Hi, fellow Kepong CSCQ Practitioners,

2 things to tell you:-

1. The birthday celebration for those born in January has been fixed. It is next Thursday (19-01-2006). Please turn up in numbers to make the celebration more meaningful.

2. The 2006 CNY Dinner celebration has been fixed on 19-02-2005 (Sunday) at the same restaurant as previously mentioned, i.e. The Sixth Happiness (六福酒家). Please confirm your participation early as as to ease preparation.

Hope you'll have a nice weekend ahead.

P.S. Those practitioners borned in January are:-
Wong Yuet Sim (黄月婵), Loh Yoke Yan (罗玉连), Lam Hoon Chye (蓝浩财), Cheun Swee Hoon (庄瑞云), Chan Ngan Ling (陈雁玲), Monny Dewi, Tee Tiow Pon (郑朝本), Tan Hock Heng (陈国良), Ho An Chuan, Eric (何安泉), Tan Sue Ann (陈淑燕), Ke Hock Chye (纪富裁), Lai Kong Kee (Kelvin) (黎光棋) and Koh Thong Heng (许统平)

Please inform the Station should there be any mistake or omission. We wish all of you Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What is currently on (posted 10-01-2006)

For the intake 0510 (October 2005), instructions on 3rd routine is being provided. This may last for another 4 lessons.

After which, remedial routines DIAN XUE JIANG ZHUO FA (Touching Acupoint to Descend Turbid Substances) and WU XIN GUI YI FA (Method of Returning Five Centers to Oneness) will follow.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Annoucement on 5-1-2005, Thursday

We are very fortunate to have so many keen and good-hearted practitioners at our Station. They are here to make the station a better place for all our practitioners. Out of their own inititives, they held a meeting on Monday 2/1/2006 and have proposed the following:-

(1) Monthly birthday celebration for those prectitioners borned in that particular month. Suggest each practitioners contribute RM2/- per month for this purpose but it is not compulsory. The station will strongly support. Hope that all practitioners will respond positively to this. Surely the occasion will be warm and happy.

(2) Chinese New Year celebration - Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner. There will be a dinner to celebrate CNY on 18-02-2006, Saturday at Loke Fook Restaurant, Selayang Capitol. All practitioners including their family members are welcome. RM50.00 per head. Kindly register early so as to ease preparation. There will be Karoake OK as there are many excellent singers in our station. The best singer for the time being is Mr. James Yap AL. Hope that all practitioners will register and turn up for this event.

(NB.:- As our Station Master, Mr. SK Chan may not be free on 18/02/2006, this date becomes tentative and subject to change - 09/01/2006)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006




先天混元气功的使命就是“让人通过气功锻炼,炼就一身能够通达万千世界,沟通时间长河的混元之气,促进人类早日进入高度的文明时代。” 先天混元气功的高级境界是实现天人合一,进入这种境界后,人便能完全顺应自然规律,愉快地生存。

Batu Pahat

Gua Tempurong, Ipoh.

Gua Tempurong, July 2005

China Hexiang Zhuang Qigong, Kepong Station, KL

China Hexiang Zhuang Qigong, Kepong Station, KL

Dear CSCQ Practitioners of Kepong Station,

Please feel free to post your comments in this site.

CSCQ Kepong KL

This photo was taken in Cameron Highland on 1/11/2005. Post your comment here if you have any.