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Friday, September 29, 2006

20 Combinations of Foods that are not Advised to be Consumed Together


(转载自爱生云鹤的BLOG, 谢谢)

1. Pork & Water Chestnut, will cause stomach ache.
2. Beef & Chestnut, will cause vomitting.
3. Mutton & Water Melon, will hurt your Qi.
4. Dog Meat & Green Bean, will cause food poisioning.
5. Rabbit Meat & Celery, will cause hair loss.
6. Chicken & Celery, will hurt your Qi.
7. Swan Meat & Chicken Egg, will hurt your Qi.
8. Turtle & Amaranth, will cause food poisioning.
9. Carp & Licorice, will cause food poisioning.
10. Crab & Persimmon, will cause purging.
11. Chicken Egg & Saccharin, will cause food poisioning, death in severe case.
12. Red Sugar & 100 Year Old Egg, will cause food poisioning.
13. White Spirit & Persimmon, will cause discomfort at the heart.
14. Onion & Honey, will hurt your eyes.
15. Radish & Agaric, will cause skin problem.
16. Bean Curd & Honey, will cause dumpness.
17. Potato & Banana, will cause freckles on the face.
18. Banana & Yam, will cause fatulance.
19. Groundnuts & Cucumber, will cause bodily harm.
20. Sweet Potato & Persimmon, will cause stone inside the body.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another Reminder for The Mid-Autumn Celebration

Please be reminded that the date of the celebration is this SUNDAY October 1, 2006 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.

Attire: Practitioners please wear your Qigong T-shirt.

Car Park: Kepong Practitioners are requested to park their cars at the basketball court so that guests and visitors can park their car at the practice ground.

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Highlight: The highlight of the programmes might be the Chinese tea making demonstration by Mr. Ki Tak Su. You will be able to taste various grade of "Pu Er" tea of varying ages. The older the "Pu Er" tea, the better the taste and thence the price. "Pu Er" tea is also regarded as drinkable antique. Do not miss the chance of tasting them. For your information, the most expensive "Pu Er" tea cost very much more than gold by weight. (Sin Chew Jit Poh - 27-09-2006)

Below is a downloadable PPS file named "mistakes". Download it if you wish but do so while the file is still available. File size = 805 KB

Monday, September 25, 2006

Kuantan/Sg Lembing/Tasik Cini/Teluk Cempedak Tour (Part 11)

After Telok Cempedak Bay, we proceeded to a shop selling local famous Kuantan products - salt fish & other related products.

The shop we visited was quite busy.

Irene Ng

The chendui at the outside of the ship was very nice and cheap too (RM1.00 per bowl).

These are photos taken by CK Yap inside the tour bus.

This is the loast photo of the tour. This photo was taken by CK Yap at the Genting Sempah rest & service area at about 7:00 p.m.

This is the last part of the tour. All in all, the tour has been wonderful. The only draw back was that we were not able to witness the beautiful sunrise at Sg. Lembing owing to the presence of thick cloud.

Do join us next time for our next tour and thanks to those who organised it and made it a reality and success.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Kuantan/Sg Lembing/Tasik Cini/Teluk Cempedak Tour (Part 10)

After our lunch at Lee Yuan Restaurant, Kuantan, we proceeded to the Telok Cempedak Beach. We reached the beach at around 3:00pm. Telok Cempedak Beach is a very famous beach in Kuantan. In recent years, a mini "board walk" has been built to enable visitors to walk along it over those rocks so as to catch a better view of the beautiful beach. Okay, see the beach yourself here:-

This is a description of Cempedak Bay.

Some of us were standing on the mini "board walk".

Beautiful Telok Cempedak Beach

A group photo taken again by CK Yap, of course.

Another group photo where the beach is in the background.

SK Chan & Catherine Wong

Eric Ho, Bruce Sum, YL Chin, Lilian Lok & BC Ker

Another view of the beautiful beach

Catherine Wong & Irene Ng

No tour will be complete without a shopping spree. Our next stop was a shop in Kuantan selling the well known local products. We will show you in next part - Part 11.

We append another downloadable PPS file below. Click to download. File size = 458kb.


Friday, September 22, 2006



日期: 二零零六年十月1日(星期日)

时间: 晚上七时至十一时

地点: 甲洞帝沙在也华小食堂


7.00 pm - 嘉宾及功友入场

7.30 pm - 全体功友唱带功歌及念鹤翔密码

7.50 pm - 筹委会主席叶志强功友致欢迎词

8.00 pm - 甲洞辅导站站长曾成家老师致词

8.10 pm - 用餐及观赏由甲洞辅导站燊禄老师呈献幻灯

8.40 pm - 直辖区鹤翔庄气功学会会长侯永发老师致词

9.00 pm - 纪达词功友表演冲泡中国茶

9.20 pm - 舞蹈表演 (黄亚香及林桂妃功友指导)

9.40 pm - 余兴节目 (大人及小孩)

10.45 pm - 颁奖典礼

11.00 pm - 谢谢来宾及晚安

Date: 01 October 2006 (Sunday)

Time: 7:00 pm – 11.00 pm.


Program / Activities

7.00 pm - Arrival of guests and members

7.30 pm - Singing of ‘Dai Gong Ge’ & Recitation of ‘Su Ma’

7.50 pm - Welcome speech by Organising Chairman

8.00 pm - Speech by Kepong Station Master

8.10 pm - Dinner (Enjoy dinner along with slide presentation by SL Ng).

8.40 pm - Speech by President of Persatuan Hexiang Zhuang Qigong Wilayah Persekutuan

9.00 pm - Chinese Tea Making Demonstration by Mr. Ki

9:20 pm - Dance Presentation lead by Mdm. Caterine Wong / Mdm. Lim Kuew

9.40 pm - Games and Entertainment (Adults & Children)

10.45 pm - Prize presentation to winners

11.00 pm - Thank You & Good Night

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kuantan/Sg Lembing/Tasik Cini/Teluk Cempedak Tour (Part 9)

We left the aborigines village and go on to our next destination - Kuantan. Kuantan was more than 100km away and the travelling time was estimated to be about 1.5 hours. We reached Kuantan at about 1:30pm. In Kuantan, we had our lunch.

We waved goodbye to the villagers of the aborigines village and proceeded to the jetty to board the board.

We stood at the old jetty to take turn to board the boats.

BC Ker & CK Yap

These photos were taken in the restaurant.

Our next destination was Telok Chempedak where the beaches were very attractive. We will show them in Part 10.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Kuantan/Sg Lembing/Tasik Cini/Teluk Cempedak Tour (Part 8)

In this Part 8, 10 photographs are shown. All were taken at the aborigines village.

KK Chin tried his skill with the blow pipe. Yes, he hit the target but missed the bull's eye by about 150mm.

It was CT Tong's turn now. He was pretty good too.

Look at James Yap. He handled the blow pipe like an expert. So who was the champ?

He was the champ. He looked even more like it with the beautiful lotus hat on.

Lilian Loh, YK Yap & CT Tong trying out the shorter blow pipes which were for sale.

SK Chan, Catherine Wong, YL Chin & Bruce Sum

Guess they were bargaining, were they?

HK Koay, CK Yap, BC Ker & SH Low with the kids of the village.

Chtherine Wong distributing food (curry puff) to the kids.

One for the album.

Our next destination was Kuantan where we had our lunch. We will show you those photos in Part 9. Do log in next time.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kuantan/Sg Lembing/Tasik Cini/Teluk Cempedak Tour (Part 7)

This is Part 7. We showed you 10 photographs here.

We arrived at the aborigines village. A new jetty was being built. The lake was in the background.

CK Yap & BC Ker

Irene Ng

The head of the village was about to show us his skill with the blow pipe.

First, aimed at the target.


Bull's eye! All were happy and impressed.

But where has the dart gone?

BC Ker with the kids of the village.

More photos will follow in Part 8. You will be able to see that some of us tried our skill in the use of the blow pipe. Guess who is the best?

By the way, below is another PPS file named "Live a Life". Click to download. File size = 684kb.

Live a Life.pps

Some Photos of the September Birthday Celebration

The birthday cake sponsored by Catherine Wong

Happy practitioners watching video while enjoying the food

The best of friends - Cindy Yew & TC Chang

Kak Mariah

Kelvin Lai & James Yap

James Yap, Eric Ho & BK Lee.

These are the birthday boys & girls

More photos shall follow when we got them from our best photographers, Mr. CK Yap. He has taken quite a number of great photos. You will not be disappointed.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

关丹林明山/神奇珍尼湖/情人海滩之旅 Kuantan/Sg Lembing/Tasik Cini/Teluk Cempedak Tour (Part 6)

7 photographs are shown in this Part 6. These photos show that we were at the wider portion of Tasik Chini. We were on our way to visit an aborigines village (Kampong Orang Asli) by the side of the lake. The size of the lake can be felt here.

In Part 7, photos taken at the aborigines village will be shown. The head of the village demonstrated to us the use of blow pipe. Blow pipes were for sale there too.