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Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Amazing Hair Dryer
(by Z. D. Zhou)

Not long ago a friend took her ten-year-old boy to my house looking for my wife, saying that her child had hiccups all day long. The child was very uncomfortable and unable to eat at all. After she checked, my wife said there was a muscle spasm in his diaphragm. Without hesitation, she took out a blow dryer, turned on the power and started blowing at the boy's stomach.

About 10 minutes later, the boy burped and fell relieved. We were surprised that this thing can do the trick. But my wife just smiled.

A few days later, I had a stiff neck when I woke up in the morning. I could hardly turn my head. I recalled my stiff neck problem was treated a few times by acupuncture and cupping when I was younger. I asked my wife for the similar treatment. She said there weren't any needles at home nor any suitable small jars for cupping. She just took out a hair dryer. I couldn't help laughing. Again? This thing can cure stiff neck too? Amazing!

She blew on my shoulders and my neck for about 15 minutes. My neck was really loosened up. I could turn my head now. Later in the evening, she repeated that on me once more. The pain in my neck was significantly reduced. I crowned her the "queen of blow drying".

She explained that this was inspired by the method people used in the old days. In hospitals, with all the modern equipments we have, doctors do not need blow dryers. Back in the old days, in rural villages especially, doctors were poorly equipped with medical supplies. So they came up with other means to treat patients with common pains.

Suddenly I realized this is the thermal effect on pains with the heat generated by a blow dryer. Modern physiotherapy equipment such as electric, laser, thermal, ultrasound and others can easily generate heat for effective treatment. They are, o
f course, more powerful then a blow dryer. However, when they are not available, using a blow dryer to generate heat will also work, temporarily at least, on common pains such as back pain, muscle spasm, stiff neck, leg cramps, etc. It is easily accessible and easy to operate as long as there is electricity.

The blow dryer is really amazing. Try it. Hope it works for you too.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


一般來說,正常的膀胱當尿液達到 150cc 時,就會有初步的尿意,這個訊息,大概只在大腦停留 1 秒 ,一閃就過了;而當尿液增加到 200c c 時,尿意就會顯得比較強烈,大部分的人如果沒有特別留意,選擇不去上廁所,膀胱還是容許繼續憋著。

不過,當膀胱尿液容量增加到 400cc 時,就到了非 解不可的地步。

但膀胱這個容 器可是有伸縮彈性的,雖然是非解不可了,
但如果你強忍著尿意,膀胱可允許的容量甚至可以達到 800cc 、甚至 1,000c c 。

通常,如果要給「憋尿」下一個定義,必須要將相當富彈性的尿液數量化,一般來說,有 200cc 以上的容量,就算是在憋尿了。



現代人因為來自社會的壓力大增,每個人面對不同的工作型態,也有不同的工作環境,大家也各自發展出自己的生存法則,但是在與時間競爭下,能省一段時間就是一段時間,當然廁所也是儘量少上為宜,! 甚至還有人! 以自己能長時間憋 尿沾沾自喜, 以為自己很有「力」。



此外,雖然泌尿科醫師建議每天要喝 2 千到 3 千 cc 的水, ! 但是為了避免憋尿,也要依照自己的工作性質調整自己喝水的節奏,才能讓自己喝得健康。

記住,膀胱也算是消耗品,如果年輕時沒有好好地對待它,濫用膀 胱的收縮與感覺,一旦年紀增長,! 膀胱就會將你年輕時對它的虐待,「連本帶利」的還給你,讓你飽受「少年不努力 、老大徒傷悲」之憾。

看完了嗎? 先去尿尿吧 !

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Our Body Can Heal Itself

"The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind." Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus

The Most Important Thing I Ever Learned About Health

The most important thing I ever learned about staying healthy came to me late in life.
It wasn't a formula or a therapy. It wasn't even advice in the formal sense of the word. The most profound lesson I ever learned came to me after years and years of reading about the human body and how it works. It came to me after consulting with some of the best doctors in the business, including Dr. Robert Atkins and, more recently, Dr. Al Sears.

My realization was at once striking and obvious. And I never looked at health or medicine the same way again.

What was my big realization?

The human body is designed to renew and perfect itself. It does this every second of every day, so long as we are living. If we don't damage it too much and let it do what it wants to do, we can be healthy.

This is a very different idea than the one I had for most of my life. My old perspective, which I got from reading newspapers and watching television, was that the body starts out perfect -- but over time, it breaks down and eventually falls apart.

I used to think of the body as a machine -- like a car that needed maintenance. And doctors were the mechanics that could keep us running and fix our parts when they went bad.

But now I know that the mechanical metaphor is misleading. It is the reason we are willing -- even eager -- to run to a doctor when something feels wrong. But I've come to understand that doctors play only a very small role in healing. More than 90 percent of it is done naturally, by our own bodies -- with or without the intervention of doctors and the medicines they prescribe.

If you bruise your elbow or cut your finger, what happens? In a few days, the bruise or cut heals. You don't have to take a pill to get better. Your body takes care of itself. Damaged skin is replaced by new skin. And the new skin is healthy. It is perfect.

The same is true when you break a bone. Once it's put back into position, the bone will heal itself. And when it does, the brand-new bone is stronger than the bone it replaced.

As I said, the body wants to renew itself -- and will do so as long as it is allowed.

Your body's drive to heal and renew itself continues constantly. People in their eighties and older can grow new skin, bones, and muscle. They can defeat colds and the flu. They can even defeat the deadliest diseases.

I am not suggesting that we are designed to live forever. In fact, we are designed to die. But I do think we can live a very long and healthy life -- into our mid to late eighties -- if we give the body the natural nutrition it needs to heal itself.

If you read enough about how the body works, it's hard to come to any other conclusion. Yet this idea -- that the body has the natural ability to perfect itself -- is anathema to the medical and drug industries.

They survive on the idea that the body is a machine -- that it breaks down and needs mechanical intervention to be repaired. Intervention that is, for the most part, one of the world's greatest con games.

The business of medicine is very large and very powerful. How big is it? I have access to financial analysts that most people don't have. I asked one of them to tally up its true size, including hospital billings, pharmaceutical sales, outpatient clinics, and so on. The number he gave me was even higher than I suspected: $4.5 trillion a year, about half of it contributed by the U.S.

Does it surprise you, then, to hear me suggest that all this money has resulted in a business whose primary goal is to make you think that you are sick?

And that's not the end of it. The medical industry is in collusion with the food industry, the manufacturers of the "fuel" our bodies consume. So much of what we are told to eat by doctors and by our government is based on the results of studies financed by the food industry itself -- including the big companies that tout the advantages of all sorts of unnatural foods that continue to stress our natural bodies.

There is a great book on this subject written by Dr. Norton M. Hadler. Dr. Hadler is professor of Medicine and Microbiology/Immunology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and attending rheumatologist, University of North Carolina Hospitals .

In the book, Dr. Hadler looks at many of the most popular and most widely practiced modern medical cures. I'm talking about angioplasties, bypass surgeries, mastectomies, statin drugs, chemotherapy, and so on.

He analyzed the scientific studies that originally supported the widespread use of these therapies. He also reviewed all the significant studies that have been done on them ever since. And do you know what he found? He found that there was absolutely no proof that they worked! In many cases, they were actually worse than doing nothing -- and they all have serious side effects.

Dr. Hadler calls this the "medicalization" of an overtreated society. He argues that the medical industry is an artificial social construct where health conditions are turned into diseases for financial gain.

"I am convinced the major stumbling block to rational health care is the social construction of health," he says. "Americans think their medicine is the 'best,' if only they could afford it. This is the catwalk for displaying the medical emperor's new clothes."

I will give you more details on this travesty of science in a minute. But let's get back to my main point, which is the body's amazing potential to heal itself.

Imagine if your body really could:
* Regenerate new cartilage if you have arthritis?
* Restore your clogged arteries to full health?
* Produce teenage-level strength in your bones at any age?

Well, your body can. It can do all of those things and many more. But the medical establishment doesn't want you to know that -- because if you do, they will lose revenue.

I asked my financial analyst to find out how much money is spent on surgeries to cure lower-back pain each year. He told me it's approximately $50 billion a year. Well, guess what? Those operations don't do any good. Your body can and will cure you of back pain if you don't let doctors put you in danger by cutting into your spine.

I will give you a personal example of how the body can heal itself...

I suffered from lower-back pain for more than 15 years. I spent loads of money going to the very best and most expensive orthopedists. They took x-rays and found problems with my discs and prescribed drugs and recommended surgery. I took the drugs but wisely demurred on the surgery. Then, about five years ago, I read a book by Dr. John Sarno that convinced me that 99 percent of lower-back pain has nothing to do with busted discs. His proof is irrefutable. (If you'd like to see it for yourself, you don't have to read the book. I'll send you a free report with the details of his key insights.)

Dr. Sarno didn't offer me a guaranteed cure for back pain. But something he said in his book triggered a thought about the body's natural healing. I pursued that idea, working with yoga therapists and a Pilates instructor, and cured my 15-year back problem in six weeks. That was five years ago. Two or three times since then, I've felt my back start to go out and I've been able to correct it within 48 hours without going to a doctor or spending a nickel. (When you read the free report I'd like to send you, you'll find out how I did it, along with the science behind it.)

Another quick example...

A good friend of mine came down with allergies in his forties. It got so bad that he could barely work. He went to his doctor, who prescribed various anti-inflammatory drugs. Some of them worked temporarily, but they all eventually failed. Then I introduced him to a doctor whose practice is based on allowing the body to heal itself.

This doctor explained that the reason those drugs failed is that they weren't addressing the root cause of my friend's allergies -- the fact that his body had stopped producing enough of the natural anti-inflammatory hormone cortisol. His real problem was that his adrenal gland was exhausted.

The doctor prescribed a natural supplement that stimulated my friend's adrenal gland to repair itself. Now he is free of allergies, and he thinks the doctor I sent him to is some kind of medical savant. But I keep telling him, "He's just an honest doctor who gave your body what it needed."

Your body can heal itself. It can get rid of any chronic or persistent pain you feel by naturally healing your tendons and ligaments, not by masking the pain. It can do the same with clogged arteries or digestive problems. It can do it, too, with diabetes and cancer.

Did you know that cancer cells are always present in the body? That they are present -- in the millions -- even when you are young? It's true. The reason most of us never succumb to cancer -- and, by the way, most of us never do -- is because our bodies have billions of anti-cancer molecules swarming around in the bloodstream, killing cancer cells all the time. People get cancer when their immune systems weaken and they stop being able to overpower the cancer cells that have gone haywire.

In all the years the medical industry has been fighting cancer, it has made very little progress. Yet natural therapies can and do work.

Let me give you one example...

A doctor located in Mexico has developed a breakthrough cancer treatment. This cutting-edge therapy:
* Is 10,000 times more effective than standard chemotherapy...
* Doesn't cause nausea, hair loss, or excessive weight loss...
* Uses heat to draw cancer cells out of hiding and into the open, where they're easily eliminated...

The technique is called hyperthermia. It is natural. It is safe. And it has been practiced for thousands of years. In fact, its origins go back as far as ancient Egypt . And make no mistake about it... this cure may be natural, but it is based on science -- on the fact that cancer cells are weaker than healthy cells and, thus, much more sensitive to heat.

Now let's talk about diabetes...

Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes is fast becoming a national epidemic -- a dangerous one, because it disables people and shortens their lives. If you are following the government's recommended dietary plan, you probably feel good about your chances of avoiding diabetes. In fact, you are doing exactly what it takes to stimulate the disease.

Nearly 80 million Americans have Type-2 diabetes or are slowly developing it...

As the sixth-leading cause of death, this disease claims nearly 100 lives every single day...
And it is almost entirely preventable!

That's right. Researchers have shown that you can stop diabetes in its tracks in just THREE WEEKS... and you can do it without medication.

Using an all-natural approach -- the approach used by Dr. Richard Bernstein, one of the world's foremost experts on diabetes -- test subjects experienced dra­matic, measurable results, including:
* lower cholesterol
* fewer free radicals in their blood, and
* higher levels of nitric oxide, which keeps arteries clear and blood flowing

As a consultant to health publishers, I have privileged access to medical studies done all over the world. I don't read the actual studies myself. (I doubt that I would be able to fully understand them.) But I consult with a half-dozen health experts and dozens of doctors, PhDs, and researchers who not only read them but also do clinical work. I consider Dr. Al Sears to be a great pioneer in this area. I've consulted with him many times over the years, and I trust him. So much so, in fact, that he's become my personal physician.

But there are many physicians like him around the world who have rejected the "medicalization" of health and are looking to find natural cures. What they are finding is that for every questionable and expensive drug or surgical procedure, there are two or three completely natural solutions that work just as well or better -- but without the sometimes-dangerous side effects.

Here are some examples. Did you know that...
* You can improve your prostate health through simple changes in diet?
* Eliminating starchy foods can fight diabetes?
* A low-carb diet may combat heart disease?
* Drinking red wine can actually reverse the signs of aging?

The best of these natural cures work the same way -- by naturally stimulating the body to do what it is designed to do: regenerate itself, minute-by-minute, on a cellular level. And that is why so many of these natural cures begin to take effect in a matter of days... sometimes hours. The body wants to heal itself!

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