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Monday, May 29, 2006

站庄功的第五条口令 The 5th Instruction for the Standing Meditation


Relaxing the Spine (Zhui Ji)
Raise your shoulders up a little and then inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. At the same time relax your spine by loosening each of your vertebrae.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

站庄功的第四条口令 The 4th Instruction for the Standing Meditation


Hanging the head from Sky (Ding Tou Xuan)
Keep your head straight as if your bai hui were connected to heaven by a string, and visualize that you are holding an object (such as a bowl of water) on the top of your head. In this way your upper body will be kept straight and your head and neck will be very steady so that you will not easily fall onto the ground.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Photos of May Birthday Celebration on 18-05-2006

Friday, May 19, 2006

站庄功的第三条口令 The 3rd Instruction for the Standing Meditation

两手平脐后,向左、右各约45 °方向推出,然后翻掌内收,在下丹田前拢气抱球。

Holding a ball of Qi (Bao Qiu)
When your two hands reach the level of the navel, relax your fingers and bend them slightly and push your hands gently away from your body with the backs of your hands angled a bit toward your body at about 45 °. Turn your palms to face your lower dan tian. Embrace a ball of Qi in front of your lower dan tian.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some Photos for the May Birthday Celebration on 18-05-2006

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

站庄功的第二条口令 The 2nd Instruction for the Standing Meditation


Double return of Qi (Shuang Hui Qi)
Turn your palms forward and using your shoulders as a pivot, raise your arms while holding a ball of Qi in your hands, then beam it into tian mu. Open your chest by spreading out your elbows. With palms down and fingertips pointing at each other, your hands descend in front of you body guiding Qi down into your lower dan tian.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

站庄功的第一条口令 The 1st Instructions for the Standing Meditation

1. Preparation (Yu Bei)
Stand with your feet as wide apart as your shoulders, toes turned in a little, knees slightly bent. Let your shoulders relax. Allow your hands to fall at your sides naturally. Place the upper tip of your tongue on your upper palate, just behind your teeth. Keep your eyes level and open, thinking of nothing.
Use your mind to relax your whole body sequentially from top to bottom. Gather Qi into your lower dan tian. Concentrate your mind on your lower dan tian for al little while.Direct Qi from your lower dan tian to hui yin, then back up along du mai to da Zhui. At this point, split the Qi into two streams and direct it through the middle of the shoulders, down through the arms to lao gong.

Practitioners Born in May 五月出世的功友

They are: 他们是:

Alice Wong Yen (黄雅樱), Foo Hee Leong (符气良),
Lim Kui Chuwa (林桂泉), Chin Haw Soon (陈皓绚),
Tan Keow Len, Lilian (陈巧莲), Ong Chin Lai (王清来),
Pang Yang Chung, Simon (彭远胜),
Oan Meng Choo, Maggie (溫明珠),
Lai Kui Wah @ Lai Fatt (赖贵华),
Quek Choo Kwee (郭子貴), Tong Chin Ting (唐进汀)

Please inform the station should there be any error or omission.

Announcement on 8-5-2006

(1) Tickets for the 5th Anniversary Celebration dinner to be held on 10-06-2006 (Saturday) are available now at RM50.00 per No. Those interested please purchase them from Lilian Loh.

(2) The monthly birthday celebration for the month of may has been fixed on 18/05/2006 (Thursday).

(3) Anti-dadah activities organised by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports at Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium.
13-05-2006 - Those who are going are to assemble at Sri Rampai station at 10:00 am. This activity ends at 5:00 pm. Lunch and tea will be provided. Those using their own transport and carry fellow practitioners along are entitled to RM50.00 petrol allowance.
15-05-2006 - This activity starts at 8:00 pm and ends at 11:00 pm. It will be officiated by our PM. Please assemble at Sri Rampai station at 6:00 pm.

Monday, May 08, 2006

站庄功口令十七条 17 instructions for the Standing Meditation

站庄功口令十七条是:- The 17 instructions for the Standing Meditation are:-
1) 预备 Preparation (Yu Bei)
2) 双回气 Double return of Qi (Shuang Hui Qi)
3) 抱球 Holding a ball of Qi (Bao Qiu)
4) 顶头悬 Hanging the head from heaven (Ding Tou Xuan)
5) 坠脊 Relaxing the Spine (Zhui Ji)
6) 含胸 Holding in the Chest (Han Xiong)
7) 松肩 Relaxing the Shoulders (Song Jian)
8) 坠肘 Sinking the Elbows (Zhui Zhou)
9) 松腕 Relaxing your Wrists (Song Wan)
10) 舒指 Smoothing out the fingers (Shu Zhu)
11) 松腰 Relaxing the Waist (Song Yao)
12) 松胯 Relaxing the Hips (Song Kua)
13) 垂尾闾 Hanging down Wei Lu (Chui Wei Lu)
14) 松膝 Relaxing the Knees (Song Xi)
15) 调足 Adjusting the Feet (Diao Zu)
16) 气沉丹田 Gathering Qi into Dantian (Qi Chen Dan Tian)
17) 垂帘 Bringing down the Eyelids (Chui Lian)

我们将会一个个的在此说明。We shall list their description here one after another progressively.